SensoMoror training for Children


Advance information about the Internet based SensoMotor developmental training program

Revolution in the Rehabilitation of Learning Disabilities is to come

Difficulties in learning and concentration have become alarming over the last few decades and can ruin human life in many ways.

The school can often provide only small-scale and enhanced teaching, but most of the children who need help will never be able to have effectively rehabilitation.


For this problem I have a solution. It is a developmental SensoMotor® training that is correcting the underlying neurophysiological causes of learning and concentration difficulties.


It's based on most effective rehabilitation methods, and you can now easily and cheaply get it online via Internet.

SensoMotor training is the most complete training program on the market containing for example :


  • Child's early reflex development

  • Child's brain nervous cross activation training

  • Visual: aye movement and focusing training

  • Activation and improvement of the balance mechanism

  • Training to improve concentration

  • A wise thinking course

  • The speed reading course

  • A possibility to individual auditory activation therapy

You can study it online at home when it suits you best and you can do the exercises at home. So there is no need for a child to go anywhere to practice the therapy. Easy, practical and inexpensive.


This is my fight for a better world, and I want no child to be left out with learning problems because of lack of care and therapy.

That is why I say: this is a revolution in the rehabilitation of learning disabilities.

Make sure your child has a good future and let your child to train with the SensoMotor® developmental training program.