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The syndroms behind the learning and concentration difficulties

Difficulties in learning and concentration often follow:
- poor education
- lower income level
- the risk of unemployment increases
- problems with sosial interaction are common
- the risk of exclusion from the society increases


No one want this to happen to their children.

The list of syndromes and problems: Do your child have these?


If you feel familiar with the following difficulties, you should familiarize yourself with the SensoMotor®. It may save the future of your child.


  1. Is your child extraordinarily shy or nervous in new situations, very strong performance anxiety

  2. In the situation of examination: Do your child find him often in the situation, that he do not remember what he had learned? At home things have been well-remembered, but in the test everything are forgotten.

  3. Over active sensory system (hyperactive for light, sound, smell and taste ...)?

  4. Very sensitive to other reviews? Can not stand other opinions or criticism.

  5. Is the writing position as “lying” over the paper?                                               ==>

  6. Is the pencil grip is abnormal or very compressing => a poor handwriting style? <==

  7. Difficult to sit still, do he have to change the sitting position frequently?

  8. Abnormal sitting position, sitting on their own feet, need to bound the legs around the chair?

  9. Delayed speech development?

  10. Articulation problems?

  11. Does he put things to the mouth, especially when stressed?

  12. Difficulties in learning to read?

  13. Weak vocabulary?

  14. Poor memory? Difficulties to remember what was just read?

  15. Learning difficulties?

  16. Difficulties in concentration?

  17. Connective symptoms are often migraine and night-time bed wetting.

The above mentioned problems, difficulties and symptoms are often due to either the weak activation of the sensory system or slight deviations of early physiological development, which often cause this kind of problems.


Over the last decades several techniques have been developed to cure these s.c. developmental problems, and we will teach you to use the best of these methods.

We say: The SensoMotor developing program is innovative, most comprehensive, easy-to-run, and the best developmental program in the world.


The tutorial material teaches you to do the training step by step with help a written and video tutorial material.


The program goes through all of the child's developmental stages beginning from the helpless newborn baby to the wise-thinking child.


The English version of Internet-program for the parents will be ready in autumn 2018.


We will have also own educational program for kindergarten and school teachers ready at the same time.


You can be in contact with us, if you are interested in some of these programs.



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