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Development and Monitoring Form


The FinnSenso program is monitored using an accurate and analytical development and monitoring form. In it, follow-up is in itself very mundane, following different skills and attributes, which experience is known to happen as the underlying problems diminish and the right kind of development progresses. For example, you can name the form by the name of your group. We recommend filling in the form, for example, every 2-3 months.


You can open the form by clicking on the pdf icon

FinnSenso follow up form for school-age children and older

FinnSenso exercise follow up form for under school-age children

 the Bulletin for parents  

The attached PDF attachment is a template for a letter to be sent home. You can use it or create your own letter. 

The FinnSenso poster

You can open the poster in PDF  by clicking on the icon

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