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A new exercise program was launched for the international market. 

The FinnSenso Developmental Training Program


The quality of the Finnish education model is a widespread conversation topic. Behind this success, there is also an effective treatment of learning difficulties.

Finnish therapists have now published a web-based training program on the methods that they use to tackle learning difficulties to make the full benefit of education accessible to everyone. These methods are designed to be easy to use and suitable for both parents (to practice at home) and for schools and daycare.


The therapists behind the program have worked with thousands of children and trained thousands of teachers in Finland. Now they have utilized their all learning and experience to create this development-promoting and correcting program. 

The developers say that children's problems are often caused by mild developmental side-pathways in early childhood, which, however, lead to even bigger problems that may cause learning and concentration difficulties. Because learning difficulties are not an illness or a disease, doctors do not always catch these issues. However, various therapeutic therapies have been developed around the world to treat these problems.


The developers report that they have successfully used these methods in Finland for more than 20 years, and they are happy to now be able to share them with the world.

The developers emphasize that learning is a fundamental human right and it should be accessible to everyone and that they hope that this program will help, especially those who cannot afford expensive rehabilitation.

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Veli Laurinsalo, Experienced Therapist and Trainer Chairman of the OHA Association An association focused on learning and research in the field.

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