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New Neuro Integradin Reading Method by Veli Laurinsalo, Finland

A new Finnish invention based on neurophysiology increases reading speed and reading comprehension in many people

Slow reading is a disadvantage for many who may not have any reading problems, school problems, diagnosis, or other disorders, but reading is slow. Then a person is not fond of reading books and newspapers.


When a person reads less, he often also knows less.  This can also narrow down the number of data sources and a person becomes dependent on the Internet and TV's information. This can even become a societal problem, as reduced information dissemination allows for one-sided and less knowledge-based information dissemination.

 I have approached this problem from a neuroscience perspective and solved this problem in a new way.


You will find the new method explained in PDF


You are free to spread this new piece of knowledge to your readers.


We have also published a new methodology to improve learning and concentration among school children called

the FinnSenso Developmental Training Program

Neuro Integrading Reading Method, English

Neuro Integrading Reading Method, Korea

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