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               The FinnSenso training



A new method for learning and concentration difficulties                         




For years, teachers have reported an increase in anxiety and difficulty in accessing normal learning goals and the professional therapists are constantly meeting more and more difficult clients.

The Finnish professionals have developed a therapeutic developmental sensomotor program named the FinnSenso Program that is solving these problems.

The FinnSenso developmental training program is designed for the use of therapists and teachers in schools and kindergartens.

Exercises are physical exercises that activate and integrate the nervous pathways and sensory functions. The program is unique and utilizes the latest information to correct child developmental problems which in most cases are behind of most these learning and concentration problems.

The FinnSenso developmental training program's objectives are:

- Improve children's  learning and concentration ability
- Improve the social interaction of children
- Enhance the progress of children on the good learning path
- Prevent children from depression and exclusion

Teacher's comments on FinnSenso training:

"I think this is a model for the future"

"I think this is very important and every teacher should know this"

"It is the kind of concrete tool needed in today's schools and kindergarten"


Comments of the therapist on FinnSenso training:

"This is part of our new approach"

"Well suited for individual and group rehabilitation activities"

"Now we finally have the right tools to deal with learning and concentration difficulties"

"The rehabilitation performance of many clients has improved tremendously"

Holistic problem solving


The FinnSenso program is treating all important aspects behind the problems, this is why we say, the FinnSenso program is the best developmental program in the world.

We can provide holistic problem solving for learning and concentration problems by training widely school teachers, kindergarten teachers, and therapists to implement the FinnSenso program (for example physiotherapists occupational therapists). This way we transfer the entire know-how to your use. We can organize annual training for new personals and information maintenance.

The holistic educational process includes e.g.

1. Training for therapists

2. Training for school and kindergarten staff

3. Complete manuals and video tutorial training

4. Annual training for new personals and information



We are pleased to give you more information and eager to solve your educational problems.

Pls. contact                              The courses can be found on                                                      the  FinnSenso page

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