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Trained by:

Peter Blythe, The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP), Chester, England;

Kjeld Johansen, Baltic Dyslexia Research Lab, Danmark,

Harry Wachs, The Vision and Conceptual Development Center, Washington DC, USA

Steen Aalberg &Steen Saust, Kraskin&Skeffington Institute, Danmark

Håkan Calsson, Sensomotorisk Centrum i Mjölby, Sweden

University of Applied Sceences, Helsinki, Finland (Auditory researcher studies)

Uppsala University, Sweden: BBA

Where does neurophysiologic research and training come from?

I studied the methods of neurophysiologic rehabilitation in both the European and the US.


I worked first mainly with the learning difficulties of children, young people and adults, but I also treated athletes and musicians.


It was wonderful to see the effects of training both with children and athletes and musicians. How stresses decreased and performance improved.

Who were our teachers?

One of the important developer in the field of visual system and sports training was Dr Harry Wachs (the Vision & Conceptual Development Center, Washington DC).

In Europe my very important teacher was among others. psychologist Peter Blythe, involuntary reflex system, (INPP, UK), Dr. Kjeld Johanssen, auditory system (Danmark) and Håkan Carlsson ( Sweden).


In Finland I have studied hearing researcher studies in University of Applied Sceences, Helsinki


I have worked as therapist and teach professionals to use neurophysiological methods in their therapy work.


I also teach the teachers to use the specific methodology (named Sensomoottori) what is designed to be used in schools and kindergartens.

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