This page has been collected some research and studies in different areas we use in therapy and trainingprograms

Effects of replicating primary-reflex movements on specific reading difficulties in children: a randomised, double-blind, controlled trial, The Lancet, febr.12, 2000

A single case-study in Helsinki, Finland

This study was planned to evaluate the cortical changes related to specific auditory

stimulation. While specific auditory stimulation may not be the only solution to the

impaired and distorted audition, it can make the hearing more accurate and improve

communication and learning.

The ERP results in Helsinki study, the shildhood aphasia (dyfasia)

A Study by speech and language therapists in Scotland

Neurofunctional Correlates of Auditory Perception
and Discrimination Training at the School Age

Sensorimotor therapy: Physical and psychological regressions contribute to an
improved kinesthetic and vestibular capacity in children and adolescents with motor difficulties and concentration problems

A four year implementation project in Minneapolis, USA.

A Chance to Grow’s New Visions School in Minneapolis, MN, USA has used Johansen  Hemisphere Specific Auditory Stimulation – HSAS as part of the staff’s
commitment to support remedial education for children with language problems since the academic year 1996/1997.